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Muslims call Him Isa

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Pulling back the spiritual veil of reconciling Muslims and Christians

Don Heckman is the author of this book available on Amazon as soft cover, Kindle or e-book now.

Not a "how to" book, this book is filled with ways to enter into another culture and world view, and a legacy of real time memoirs that Don experienced and recorded to reconcile Muslims to Christians.

I was inspired to write this book from experiences I've had, really memoirs, of my association with Muslim people. This took place over a period of 30 years, as I took on the joy of reconciling Muslims not with the Western Culture, but with Christ. I learned that the secret was listening to their stories, their needs and action filled parts of what they call The Religion.

Reconciliation requires time to listen to Muslims. There is no shortcut to listening. Also, knowing and becoming part of their eastern worldview creates acceptance, regardless of my western background. A western world view is easily viewed as spirituality like a postage stamp on an envelope in terms of religious and non-religious involvement. The eastern world view is the complete envelope. That is, issues of banking, relationships, church or mosque attendance, hospitality, schooling and just every aspect of life is under the worldview of Islam. We compartmentalize. They envelope, pardon the pun.

Muslims can become Jesus followers without going through the confessional process of western Christianity. We talk to westerners who become Jesus-followers, which is valid, that is, for people to call on the name of the Lord with a Christian message. Muslims have a phrase that they recite to become Muslims. It is called the Shahada. But following their worldview involves internal and mostly external changes of allegiance. New Muslim converts may burn talisman and witchcraft objects as they associate with other followers of Jesus and even to weep and cry for dreams and revelation from God. They cherish baptism as they become followers of Jesus. So for a westerner to seek out Muslims to become Jesus followers, put away creeds, lists of things to do and not do, and preaching topics. Rather, let them read the Bible and discuss what the Bible passage says to them about who Jesus or God wants of them. Let them discover. These eastern people of "wisdom" need to ruminate over concepts. Westerners must not be surprised if Muslims find new or conflicting theological ideas. Whether they are literate or illiterate, they love stories which they memorize nearly word for word. Not lists, but stories.

Two key avenues to find reconciliation with Muslims are first to know that they treasure hospitality as part of their religo-cultural view toward people, probably more than you may imagine. So invite them and eat with them. But another avenue of pristine importance is to call yourself a "hanifi" follower of Jesus. This means you have the faith of Abraham, which they all strive but fail to have. Open these doors. This book opens us to Muslims that I personally know and who have come to know Jesus as a true follower of our Lord.

Muslims call Him Isa, Some call Him Savior

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