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How to give

We are so thankful to the Father and so many supporters that our needs continue to be met each month. News flash, in this electronic era, supporters want to know how to give without writing checks. We have options:
  1. Set up a bill payment recurring plan with your bank, and give them the Praxis Advocates address, and they will automatically send out a check on a regular basis. You can specify monthly, quarterly, or even weekly (just kidding!)

  2. You probably have a PayPal account. If not, get one set up. It is very easy to send money to Don Heckman by entering my email address. Just go to "send money" and then enter my email address. That money will be given by Don to Praxis Advocates and you will be given a year end tax deductible receipt. I use PayPal all the time. PayPal will set up an icon where you never again have to enter my email address, but simply tap on the Don Heckman icon and specify the amount.

  3. Super brains can use Zelle and its no fee money transfer to my Bank of America account listed below.
To update you on where we are at financially, we are living within a strict budget, happily, due to your giving. Although a few people have increased their support, others have been unable to continue. So, if you feel led to join in supporting this ministry, we could use your help!

A few of our needs are much-increased travel to training leaders, national Algerian, and French-based key leaders to multiply churches. With Covid, we travel very little, since we are under lockdown and use Zoom, phones, whatsapp, and other ways to communicate, even writing regular letters.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this.

Thank God for churches who have maintained their support and even increased their support.

Your giving is crucial. We have trusted the Lord through individuals and churches to work out our commission to reach Muslims for 28 years in France.

Thanks to you for your support.

Here is how it works

Your checks should now be payable to Praxis Advocates, as well as your bill pay accounts. The address for support should be the following:

Praxis Advocates
c/o Stephen Heckman
7156 W Clifton Ave
CO 80128

The word Praxis is the word "Acts" of the Acts of the Apostles book but in Greek.

We are opening up this website of for previous newsletters, further information, and answering your questions.

If you don't require a tax receipt, you can still send a check payable to Don Heckman to Bank of America, 2345 Borchard Road, Newbury Park, CA. 91320, Mention account number 06718 05140.

To all our supporters and Prayer Partners, thanks from Don and Evey Heckman, from Praxis Advocates.

British Support

Some of our British newsletter recipients have asked how to support us in our mission and ministry without sending finances to the USA. The British use "Stewardship", thanks. Please share this with other British church friends.

Here's the support address across Europe. Our new Swiss Bank!

With our sincere thanks, support in Europe, wire to:

Evey Heckman
IBAN CH89 0878 1000 1125 3900 0
Swissquote Bank SA
Chemin de la Crétaux 33
1196 Gland, Switzerland
for the benefit of Nancy Heckman
Account Number 1125390

Love and thanks. Don and Evey

Our logo, in Arabic, means "Jesus is the Light of the World."
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